Tenant Guarantee

We provide on all tenants that we place a FREE six-month Tenant Guarantee, and that Guarantee will be extended to nine-months if you let us manage your property. This Tenant Guarantee can be even LONGER if the lease term is extended.

So, if your tenant defaults for any reason, we’ll provide additional tenant placement services for FREE.

Extended Tenant Guarantee coverage schedule:

0-17 Month Lease

9 Month Guarantee

18-35 Month Lease

12 Month Guarantee

36+ Month Lease

18 Month Guarantee

The Benefits of Long-Term Leases

Avoid annual tenant placement fees.

Reduce the frequency of typical tenant turnover costs like cleaning, changing locks, maintenance and repairs.

Lessen the risk of potential vacancy costs.

SAVE $6,200* on a 3-year lease!

*Assumes $1,600/month average rent, $600 average annual turnover costs, 2 month vacancy per year, $100 average annual utility/yard service costs, and one additional month’s leasing fee.


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