Rent Advance

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What is Rent Advance & How Does it Work?*

Our Rent Advance program provides rental unit Owners with up to 12 months of rent payments (less any tenant placement and/or property management fees) upfront, removing tenant payment risk including loss of rent from tenant default.

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Property and Resident meet qualifications

Owner receives 90% of their net annual rent

What am I Responsible for During the Agreement Term?*

Ongoing Repairs

Property owners are responsible for any ongoing repairs and maintenance costs needed within the home or unit.

Utilize Renters Warehouse Houston Property Management

Owners will utilize Renters Warehouse Houston for ongoing property management services

Not Selling or Mortgaging the Home

During the Agreement Term, Owners cannot sell or mortgage their home or unit.

Example Transaction*

Want to learn more about the benefits of Rent Advance? Take a look at this example transaction.

1 %

Potential Monthly Rent (Paid over 12 months)

1 %

Upfront Rent (Paid in Month 1)

*Rules and restrictions apply. Please call us for further details.

What are the Benefits?

With Rent Advance, Owners get quick access to the funds from their rentals. Benefits include:

Cash in hand - guaranteed income

Remove all Tenant payment Risk (Including loss of rent from tenant default)

Access cash flow without taking a debt


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