Homeowner FAQ´s

Most frequent questions and answers

Our Free Rental Price Analysis report helps us see what you should be charging for rent. Our rental prices analysis tool takes millions of local rental market factors into account, including square footage, room details, area rental rates, market trends, neighborhood variables and local comps. After your analysis is complete, we will evaluate your property with a personal tour where we pay close attention to key elements like property condition and preparation, amenities, length of lease and other factors.

Renting out your property and working with our property management team is a great way to add income and reduce your personal taxes. Potential tax deductions can include: management fees, maintenance costs, depreciation, travel and legal fees, and interest.

We pride ourselves on providing quality candidates to you as a homeowner. Our tenant matching process is very selective, completely comprehensive and fully rest-assured-worthy, delivering an average tenant placement time of 17 days. Within 24 hours of our agreement, we market your property on more than 200 websites to connect your property with countless potential renters.  

We will accompany all prospective tenants through your property and complete a thorough background and credit check on each candidate. We will prepare you with all lease documents, inspections and rental licensing. The best part – we provide a FREE six-month Tenant Warranty on all placed tenants, which can be extended to up to 18 months with our property management services and extended lease. That means, if your tenants defaults for any reason, we’ll provide additional tenant placement services for free!

If, during the first 90 days we are managing your property, if you decide we aren’t “walking the walk”, you can terminate our management services at no cost to you, PLUS we’ll refund the monthly management fees you’ve paid us up until that point. That’s a low risk proposition!

We provide all property management services for a low monthly cost. Please check with your local Renters Warehouse office or by clicking here

We provide all the property management services you can think of for one small monthly fee including: rent collection, coordinating maintenance requests, handling legal paperwork, assisting with compliance, carrying out evictions and enforcing leases, protecting your property, issue reports and extending your tenant warranty.

Why sell your home for a small, one-time gain when you can leverage your rental property for future wealth? We know the rental business. From marketing and management to maintenance and renewing, our focus is helping you have a smooth, profitable rental experience.

Don’t worry about the hassles, stress and costs of tenant turnover year after year. With Renters Warehouse, we secure high quality tenants and provide extended Tenant Warranty.

Dotloop is the online workspace our agents use to complete a real estate transaction. Dotloop will allow you and your agent to edit, complete, sign and share documents without ever needing to print, fax or email.


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