Our licensed Realtors can take care of everything you need when renting out your home or investment property in Houston

Our industry-leading service comes with even more perks. At Renters Warehouse we have NO marketing or upfront fees. You can even try out our management services for free with our 90-day test drive!

Tenant Placement

We find and underwrite qualified candidates and handle the entire process.

Coordinate all maintenance requests

All day. Any day. Every day of the year. We’re on call and available 24/7/365, so you don’t have to be, and we always obtain competitive pricing through our vendor network.

Collect rent

Fast. Nimble. Effective. Our team of rent collection experts work ‘round the clock to pursue payment in full, on time, every month.

Handle legal paperwork

Our custom lease is powerful — the most air-tight in the industry to give you max protection. And anything else that involves fine print and processing — lease renewals, modifications, terminations — we’ll take care of it.

Protect your property

In addition to move-in and move-out inspections of your property, we can conduct routine in-person property inspections to help ensure appropriate tenant maintenance.

Enforce leases

Trained to handle any challenge, our Professional Landlords facilitate every tenant situation with the utmost care and attention.

Issue reports

Want to track your progress? Proactively grow your business? We’ll issue customized year-end reports, like profit and loss, cash flow, as well as detailed monthly accounting statements.

Assist with compliance

We’ll help you stay up-to-code and up-to-date when it comes to mandated city rental licensing and inspections

Extend your Tenant Guarantee

From 6 months to 18 months (with management and an extended lease) by using our Professional Landlord Services for even more coverage, and even more confidence.

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